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Business & Marketing Mentor for Tradespeople

Welcome to my website! I'm thrilled to welcome you here. As someone intimately familiar with the world of self-employed tradespeople through my marriage to a skilled professional, I empathize with their distinct challenges. Whether it's navigating the day-to-day operations of running a business or strategically managing marketing initiatives to build a strong brand, I've personally navigated the ins and outs of the trades industry. Tradespeople often wear multiple hats, balancing hands-on craftsmanship with the entrepreneurial demands of business ownership. Drawing from my experiences, I recognize the intricate dance required to succeed in this dynamic field.

Armed with a background in marketing, I understand its pivotal role in the triumph of any trade business. After all, customers are the lifeblood of any enterprise, and without a steady stream, there's no revenue; without revenue, there's no business. Additionally, I appreciate the essential components that contribute to a trades business's efficient operation and sustainability and the paramount importance of a sterling business reputation.

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Tradies, you are understood!

Running a business, especially in a country like France, demands a constant juggling act—managing clients, paperwork, client relations, marketing efforts, and closely monitoring financial aspects, including cash flow.

I'm here to provide support and guidance to self-employed tradespeople who may find themselves navigating their business operations solo, helping you sidestep overwhelm and uphold an outstanding reputation in the industry.

As a skilled tradesperson, you've dedicated years to honing your craft. However, your trade training phase doesn't typically cover the intricacies of running and sustaining a business. Business management, marketing, paperwork, accounts, and client relations often become a learn-as-you-go process.

For self-employed tradespeople, it's frequently a one-person show. You make decisions, operate in a way that feels right, and manage tasks as they arise. While this approach may work, seeking an external perspective—someone who can offer fresh insights, new techniques, and solutions to your challenges—can significantly contribute to the success of your trade business—someone like me.

The most perilous phrase in our language is, "We've always done it this way" - Grace Hopper.

Whether you're embarking on the initial stages of your trade business or are a seasoned, skilled tradesperson, you and your business will inevitably undergo evolution. It would help if you struck a successful balance between excelling in your craft and being an adept business owner. Whether refining your marketing strategies for increased business, optimizing internal processes, or enhancing your reputation within the marketplace, collaborating with a business mentor like me can amplify your business management skills.

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I've always appreciated that in order to get business in, your business needs to be out there. Technology is not a strong point for me. Recognising this it is easier for me to work with someone who understands what I want to achieve and create a solution for me that is simple and effective.

I explained that I wanted to get ahead on my enquiries for 2024 and add in a 10% discount. Micala not only created my inquiry sheet & customer review form but she also created the flyer with wording that was bang on what I wanted. Left to my own devises, this would have taken me weeks to do myself and it would have been frustrating because my time is better used on the tools.

Micala also showed me how to make better use of some of tools within Google [Googledrive, calendar and colour code my work, and tasks]. These tips will definitely help my paperwork on track!

Flyscreen France

As a busy electrician during the day, many of my evenings and weekend are spent creating and looking at plans, mapping out electrical work before prepping the devis. I am looking at diagnostic reports, and spending time fault finding issues, which need me to think and plan out. If I had to do the marketing, and back office: accounts, TVA/bank reconciliation, keeping the client files on track, following on up on reviews and generally keeping the business orderly and tidy, I would not have enough hours in the day. My work week on the tools would suffer, or I would have to outsource someone to do it.

Some aspects of running the business are outside of my comfort zone and don't come naturally to me. A client can ask me about electrics and I am more than happy to share my expertise and knowledge, but ask me how to market myself, I wouldn't have a clue.

Micala has kept a beady on the financials which steered us from ME to EIRL. She continuously markets me, keeps my website and social spaces busy, and follows up on customer reviews. With over 10 years of trading here in France, the sum of all that has been done, has created a sustainable business that I am very proud of.

Paul Wilkins

Why Work with me ?

Here to help

Do any of the following seem familiar? These are telltale signs that you need to work with a business mentor

  • Long list of responsibilities within your business
  • Juggling jobs in your head
  • Missing important tasks; forgetting to get back to a client, forgetting to order materials
  • Not having enough time
  • Motivation and mojo are slipping away

I am passionate about helping skilled professional tradespeople become thriving business owners. It's not just about being excellent on the tools; it's about building a business framework that handles enquiries, optimises your schedule with a steady stream of projects, with efficient processes for project success, that delights your customers, turning them into enthusiastic advocates for your work.

For over a decade, I've honed and perfected the business framework that has catapulted my husband's trade business to success. These methods will work wonders for your trade business too.

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